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The Daffy Dave Band Testimonials

No clowning around, this is the greatest show on earth! The entire audience of children and parents were belly laughing during the standing room only, Daffy Dave performances at our Community Day event. Daffy Dave is a professional and talented performer.

- Christine Catura
Concert Hall Manager
Community School of Music and Arts
Mountain View, California

Daffy Dave and his Band have a huge fan base at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center Preschool. We have an annual Daffy Dave Concert and Ice Cream Social for the whole Preschool community each fall to start off the school year with hundreds of people in attendance. He has also performed at PJCC Open House events to huge crowds of families with children dancing in the aisles. His humor and music endear him to people of all ages making his concert a wonderful family event. I for one am a Daffy Dave groupie and bring my grandchildren to his concerts as often as possible.

- Judy Garb
Director of Early Childhood Education
Peninsula Jewish Community Center