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Daffy Dave's Comedy, Magic & Juggling Show

Experience the funny slapstick-approach to Magic and Juggling that the comic entertainer, Daffy Dave, brings to the stage. Delight in the silly audience participation that both kids and adults have come to enjoy and rave about over the years in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond!

Daffy Dave is part magician, part juggler, part trickster, part minstrel, all wrapped up in a lovable, hysterical clown character who tries to act tough, in control and smart, only to be constantly embarrassed by his own foibles and mistakes. (It's no accident that Dave borrowed the "Daffy" from Daffy Duck! See the show and you'll see the influence of the great Duck Comedian!) And, yet, amazing feats of magic and juggling, plate-spinning and humorous antics baffle everyone, especially Daffy Dave himself!

Whether it's a "clap-o-meter" exploding confetti and sparks, a feather duster turning into a beautiful flower bush, or a dollar bill burning, then changing into a handful of money, Daffy Dave performs all his tricks with a comical flair that both amazes and brings the house down with side-splitting laughter!

The basic theme in Daffy Dave's current hit show is "How to clean up your room using Magic." Daffy attempts to demonstrate to the children how to magically do the laundry, throw away the garbage, vacuum the rugs and so forth, only to have the tricks back-fire. Underwear magically shrinks to Barbie Doll size, then, with the help from an audience member, the tiny underwear magically expands into Dinosaur size underwear that would have "Captain Underpants" jumping for joy!

But, Daffy Dave's show also looks like a circus performance with juggling-ball tricks, jokes and puns, balancing a spinning plate on a stick in his mouth while juggling clubs, and tons of good, old-fashioned Vaudeville-style physical comedy, banter, hat-tricks, exaggerated "clown reactions," ukulele songs, eccentric dancing and much, much more. Come and see a show to find out for yourself! You may even love it more than the kids! Well, that's a toss-up!

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