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Daffy Dave's Children's Clowning, Music and Story DVDs and CDs

Daffy Dave's clowning, music and storytelling DVDs and CDs are sure to be a favorite with you and your child. Individual songs can be purchased from iTunes.

Meet the Daffy Dave Band

9 songs, 37 minutes


Daffy Dave Mampel and his band perform nine rousing songs, seven in various styles of rock from hard to soft, one barbershop, and one drum solo. In "I Don't Want To," a child complains that he doesn't want to go to school, do his homework, clean his room, etc. His parents reply that they don't want to go to work, pay the bills, do the laundry, etc. The band sings "Super Chicken" in an a cappella, barbershop style. Other songs include "Birthday Party," "The Singin' Dingalings," "I Like to Play," "The Silly Good-Bye Song," "Time to Go to Bed," and "Dusty's Drum Solo." A fun, silly, happy album for young rockers.

Beverly Bixler
San Antonio Public Library, TX

The Silly Adventures of Daffy Dave (DVD)

A Cute and Funny Musical Adventure

A cute and funny musical adventure with the funny antics of the affable Daffy Dave and lots of silly kids who discover wacky, and even educational ways to clean up their rooms, play soccer, exercise, ride a train, visit the zoo, and other fun kid stuff. This 34 minute DVD is based on Daffy Dave's award-winning songs like "Red Light, Green Light" and "The Hop, Hop Song" (Children's Music Web Award Winner 2005) and many other popular Daffy Dave songs available on iTunes.

Daffy Dave shares the camera with Dusty Buckles and Uncle Ben Franklin, his band mates from The Daffy Dave Band, and other friends, animals, trains, and more. Also featured in this DVD is a cute Stop-Action Short, "Little Manny's Missing" by Neill Kramer, a Live Concert of Daffy Dave and his Silly Band rocking out kids and parents and, of course, highlights from Daffy Dave's hilarious magic and juggling show!

Daffy Dave's Tree Fort (DVD, version 3.0)

Revised! Bonus Features!

Daffy Dave's Tree Fort is a place where children can laugh and grow. This is a wonderful collection of comedy, magic and music for children. Daffy Dave clowns around with children and his friends Lizzy Bee, Dusty Buckles, Dolly Pop and Flyin' Ryan.

The show contains live performances of songs that encourage children to get up and dance. Dave's capers incorporate themes like exercise, tidiness and respect for the planet. Dave talks about our environment, including the importance of air and water quality, reducing waste, reuse and recycling.

The message is clear: join in the fun and have fun taking care of yourself and the planet. . .every day!

Stories of the Strange and Silly

Tall Tales for Long Trips

3 stories, 47 minutes


Children's entertainer Daffy Dave's storytelling talent shines in these three stories. In "T-Rex Luther: The Greediest Dinosaur in the World," Luther leaves his lonely, "private, puny, isolated island" to go to the land of Hysterica. He steals all the toys of the world and takes them back to his island, only to find that he is still lonely. With the help of a farm girl, Luther learns that loneliness can be overcome with the help of friends. In "Abra's Education," Abra goes to school, but finds no one else there, so he returns home to his tree house where he spends the day studying birds. When he goes inside for dinner, he discovers that this day during which he learned so much was actually Saturday. In "The Boy Who Almost Started a War," listeners are treated to the other story from the first Thanksgiving. James, a young pilgrim boy, shoots an arrow after Thanksgiving dinner while everyone is napping and hits the big pilgrim, Mr. Tubman, in the rear end. Tubman blames Running Deer, the owner of the bow and arrow, and war is avoided only when the truth is discovered. Daffy Dave's storytelling holds the attention of listeners, and occasional sound effects and softly playing background music enhance the telling. A solid addition to library collections.

Veronica Schwartz
Des Plaines Public Library, IL
School Library Journal

Class Clown

Dave's music graduates to more songs for older children.

12 songs, 44 minutes


Dave Mampel, a former minister who now sings and tells stories in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area, serves up his fourth CD. The 12 songs were either written and/or arranged by Mampel. Opening with a 1950s Elvis-channeled "Class Clown", Mampel alternates between singing a refrain about a disruptive kid who cuts-up in class and telling jokes accompanied by canned laughter. Other slapstick numbers include "Grown-Ups Get Angry Too" (a story/song about parents needing time-outs), the Caribbean-inspired "Miranda the Panda" (a clever play on word sounds), the Hawaiian-style "Da Pidgin English in Hawaii" (a song full of irreverent information about things Hawaiian), and the upbeat tune "No School Today" (a celebration of this event featuring accordion accompaniment). Daffy Dave uses back-up singers to achieve a 1960's rock 'n' roll sound on "Silly Rock 'n Roll," and alters his voice to achieve a hollow 1920's sound in "Growing Up in a Box." Good advice is given in the toe-tapping "Safekids Online Song." Story songs round out the recording. Mampel, a 2005 Children's Music Web Award winner, will find plenty of new fans with this charming offering.

Stephanie Bange
Dayton Metro Branch Library, OH
School Library Journal

Silly Party Songs

NEW COMPILATION! Best Hits of Daffy Dave's First Two Albums of Silly Kid Songs Plus 2 New Bonus Tracks

28 songs, 72 minutes


Singer/songwriter Dave Mampel, a.k.a. Daffy Dave, offers an upbeat collection of 26 previously released and two new songs meant to get youngsters up and moving. Listeners will find it difficult to sit still when they hear toe-tapping, hand-clapping songs like "Cuckoo Train," "Yahoo & Scheechness!" and "Choo Choo Train". Songs like "The Hop Hop Song" and "Shake a Hand, La, La, La" encourage participation While "One, Two, Smelly Shoe" appeals to the silly side and "De Dinosaurs" evokes a feeling of the islands. Also included are delightful takeoffs on traditional tunes. "Hurry, Hurry, Fire Truck" is sung to the tune of "10 Little Indians" and "Twinkies, Twinkies, Candy Bars" is sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Featuring strong, clear vocals and great instrumentation, these songs will delight children in story time or in their own living rooms. A fantastic addition to all collections.

Veronica Schwartz
Des Plaines Public Library, IL

Bedtime Stories and Lullabies

Perfect for long car trips

"We fell asleep recording this stuff!" - Daffy Dave and Dusty Buckles

16 stories, 44 minutes


You will love this! It will become a habit that you will be glad you started. Get those kids to un-wind but not tune out like some more boring bed-time CD's do. Daffy is ALWAYS funny and always fun. If you need a nighttime CD that won't wind the kids up, you found it. LOVE IT

Nina Kaloostian/Selly family

The Little Monster

(and other silly-scary stories and songs)


Daffy Dave's Get Down with the Clown! revealed the clown side of the versatile performer; this CD showcases his storytelling talents. The included stories and songs work for any occasion but seem particularly appropriate for Halloween (one song specifically celebrates the chilly joys of that night). The collection features two stories, two songs, and a rhyming tale about the title character. Dragons and witches predominate in the leisurely paced selections. Daffy Dave has fun with anachronisms and seems to enjoy tweaking fairy tale conventions. The stories won't give youngsters scary thrills, but they do raise the silly quotient. The songs – about Halloween and nighttime shivers – make their points with warm humor.

Paul Shackman
The Booklist
March 15, 2004