Daffy Dave: Comedy, Magic, Juggling and Music for Birthday Parties and Events in Greater Seattle Area


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Voted Best Party Entertainer for Children by Bay Area Parent Readers 9 YEARS IN A ROW!


Dave Mampel is

Daffy Dave

Awesome Magic

Slapstick Comedy

Goofy Juggling & Plate Spinning

Fun Audience Participation

Funny Ukulele Songs

"Every show is a special event, tailored to your particular audience.
I guarantee a hilarious and awesome time will be had by all!"

Find Daffy Dave's CDs at CDBaby.com!
Meet the Daffy Dave Band
Stories of the Strange and Silly
Class Clown
Silly Party Songs
Bedtime Stories and Lullabies
The Little Monster

Individual songs can be purchased from iTunes, Napster and other digital music download destinations.

Hear the SafeKids Online Song written and performed by Daffy Dave.

Earth Day Everyday: Environmental Actions and Interactions, Messages and More. For Children and Adults. Find out more. . .

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