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What Parents, Librarians, Teachers and Children are Saying about Daffy Dave

"Daffy Dave made my son's fifth birthday an event to remember! He is not only a great entertainer for kids, but subtly and cleverly keeps the interest of the adults too. Kids love him for the uniquely Daffy jokes and for getting to be part of the show. From happy laughs to Beatles' songs, which Daffy makes sound as coming from an entire band, he had 40 kids and just as many adults enthralled for an hour and a half.  He even made us forget that pizza was late by half an hour!  Thank you, Daffy!  We can't wait to have you throw a party again!"

"A party with Daffy Dave is an absolutely sure fire way to make your little (or big) one's celebration unforgettable. We just had our five-year-old son's birthday party with Daffy Dave and we had close to a hundred people laughing and smiling for more than an hour. There is a guy who can hold the attention of 3-year-olds and 83-year-olds at the same time and make them forget where they are. Gosh, he even made us forget that the pizzas were late! When the party guests were still not gathered and later, when the food was not there yet, Daffy Dave would sing and make jokes and be a host in our stead even. And thus instead of unhappy hungry guests, we had a jolly party crowd and the happiest little birthday boy ever!"
Ganka H.
Palo Alto, CA

"If you are planning a party for young children and enjoy seeing a bunch of happy faces, and hearing lots of genuine laughter, then perhaps Daffy Dave may be the right guy for your party. He sincerely loves kids, knows the tricks to draw them in, keeps them guessing, throws in some subtle humor for the adults, and leaves them pleading for more. He does comedy, twists balloons into fun stuff, sings songs and performs some magic as well. It's a nice variety of stuff that is well paced and makes it easy for a parent to provide a simple, more interactive alternative to Pump It Up."
Steele H.
Menlo Park, CA

"Our kids LOVE Daffy Dave.  He is a yearly visitor to our school.  Child-friendly presentation and hilarious!"
Tulane Montessori C.
San Mateo, CA

"I hired Daffy Dave for our twins group Annual Halloween party and he ROCKED! The kids were anywhere from newborn-5/6 years and they laughed their pants-off. My son, who is just over 2 1/2,  was laughing so hard he kept rolling onto his back. Big belly laughs. I've never seen him laugh so hard-EVER. Dave was totally age-appropriate for this age group. He is also great and patient with kids. They eagerly lined- up up for balloon animals and he made sure each got one and handed them over with a smile. 5 stars for Daffy Dave all-around!"
Danielle V.
Palo Alto, CA

"Daffy Dave is thoroughly entertaining. He is a very talented and funny man.  His jokes, gags and magic tricks play at many levels, so all children and their parents will both really enjoy his show. Dave truly loves what he does and has a fabulous rapport with his audience. I highly recommend him. My kids will never forget how much fun they had at his hilarious show!"
Christie M.
San Ramon, CA

"Daffy Dave had 40 kindergarteners and probably 30 adults in stiches for a full hour. It was hilarious. We laughed so hard and so long that a neighbor from three houses down the street walked over to see what the heck was going on in our backyard. I recommend Daffy Dave without reservation. He wil be a huge hit at your next birthday party or other kid-centric gathering."
Jeff B.
Palo Alto, CA

"Our kids just love Daffy Dave!   He performed at my son's 4th birthday party and was a big hit. He is great at targeting different age groups, and is a talented magician, musician and clown – as well as a very nice guy. We own all of his CDs and DVDs which the kids always request in the car. This year we donated a Daffy Dave performance to our son's school, which we are sure will be a popular item. We recommend him highly!"
Robert B.
Tiburon, CA

"Daffy Dave came out to our before and after school program for kindergarten through 5th grade. He was so funny!! The children and staff could not stop laughing and we definitely received a wonderful value and the price was very reasonable. I also liked that he was very professional on the business end of the booking. He was friendly, showed up on time, and his routine was well-planned and organized. We will definitely use him in the future and I would recommend him for any child care program."
Desiree L.
Brentwood, CA

"Daffy Dave performed at my daughter's 4th birthday party and he was absolutely wonderful, he had the kids completely captivated for a full hour and the parents were in stitches also. Everyone had a fantastic time. We love Daffy Dave!"
Rachel P.
San Mateo, CA

"Just wanted to write a review for Daffy Dave who made our 3 year old's birthday party a total blast!  He totally defrayed the potential stress of having 50 guests of all ages and had everyone from age 3 on up in hysterics! It's been awhile since I have laughed so hard myself. He helped with the flow of the party and we couldn't be more grateful for how happy he made our son and therefore us! Couldn't recommend more highly."
Rebecca P.
Menlo Park, CA

"Thank you so much for bringing your magical/comedy act to Fairfax Library. What a way to end the summer! You had the kids rolling all over the floor, laughing. The parents were cracking up, too. You were very, very funny…and then all of a sudden you'd zing us with some astonishing magic!"

"I loved all your underwear stuff from the extra-looooooong striped socks to the jockey briefs flambe. The dinosaur BVDs killed me."

"Thanks for your end-of-the-program pitch for checking out library books. Your timing was perfect. All but two of the books I had set out on display went home with somebody! This has never happened to me before."

"Thanks also for the musical encore. And to think we almost missed it! You are such a fine musician, you should play whenever you can find an excuse to do so.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in your company and will invite you back again! Best wishes."

Your newest fan,

Carolyn Potter
Fairfax Library

"My friend and I recently brought our kids to your performance at the Cambrian library in San Jose. FYI, you rocked all of their little worlds, and they have been talking about nothing else since. I imagine you hear this all the time. Right now I can pretty much get my kids to do anything I want just by promising to let them listen to the CD I bought that evening. Thanks for that."
Sara Fotakis

"It has taken me a few days to get my thoughts together to even try to explain the gratitude and excitement from our party. You are AMAZING! You pulled Emma and all the other shy kids RIGHT out of their shy shells…you kept 2 year olds to 72 year olds completely entertained for quite a show! They could have gone for another hour or so I am sure! You were a HIT! I really have no words to describe! Emma is still talking about how Daffy (aka Happy) Dave was at her party, and his socks and his pants falling down and her balloons and and and and…THANK YOU for giving my child an AWESOME memory that I know she will hold onto the rest of her life! I guess you are going to have to save the last weekend in July for us from now on!!!!! Don’t forget her graduation! Ha ha hahaaaaa…You are her new best friend!!!!!! Gonna have to bring her to some of your appearances."

Kristin J Quintin

"When it comes to daffy, Dave is the man! His high-energy, highly-animated comedy delights young children and resonates with older folks who appreciate the 'shtick' of slapstick. A kid at heart and a master of music, storytelling and merry making, Daffy Dave presents a non-stop show full of smiles and laughs."
Evy Schiffman
Community School of Music and Arts

"Your songs are really very funny but not stupid. Each one is meant to teach but in a very original way. You matched popular songs, rock and roll, cool music with fun and education. . .and you hit the mark!!!"
Piera Vernice, Teacher, Rome, Italy

"My kids are always so excited to hear your (CD) and now they have their favorite requests. "Don't wake up the Baby" is the current fav. I put on (the) CD in the car for crowd control and everyone gets a turn picking out the next song -- whew!"
Vicki Wegman

"Daffy Dave I really like your CD because it is very funny. Can you try your hardest to come to my birthday party?"
Isabel and her brother Ellis

"Hey Dave, We wanted to thank you for creating such a swell CD. We start every day with it and have learned all the songs by heart."
The Lonskys

"He was funny."
Madeline, age 3

"I laughed at the clown."
Lucas, age 3

"I was laughing because David was doing funny tricks."
Madeline, age 3-1/2

"I liked when he popped stuff."
David, age 3-1/2

"I liked the feather brush turning into flowers."
Adrian, age 3-1/2

"I liked when he was spinning the plate around."
Villa, age 3-1/2

"I like the clapping. . .the clapping mirror (meter). I also liked the spinning top. I liked the trick that he did. The feather."
Samantha, age 4-1/2

"You know why I like Daffy Dave? He makes me pee my pants!"
Connor, age 5