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"I found your song by searching the Internet when I taught in the computer lab for preschool-8th grade. I started my Internet Safety Unit by playing your song. During the song, I had a child use a laser pointer to follow along with the words on a slideshow that I made with the lyrics. Another child advanced the slides. The students were encouraged to sing along, and many did. I played it a few times. It got the kids excited and learning at the same time!

I appreciate Daffy Dave's musical approach to Internet safety. His songs and upbeat rhythms make learning more enjoyable and memorable for kids around the world."

(This book has your stuff in it too, in Unit 4; your picture is on Page 75!)

- Holly Poteete
Monterey, California
Computer Lab Teacher's Survival Guide
K-6 Units for the Whole Year 1st Edition, 2003