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October 17, 2007

"The Silly Adventures of Daffy Dave"

Movie Premier and DVD release for November 2007

Sidekick Productions presents Daffy Dave's new movie, "The Silly Adventures of Daffy Dave" (directed by Alex Alamul and produced by Robert Higgins and Dave Mampel) a cute and funny musical adventure with the funny antics of the affable Daffy Dave and lots of silly kids who discover wacky, and even educational ways to clean up their rooms, play soccer, exercise, ride a train, visit the zoo, and other fun kid stuff. This 36 minute DVD is based on Daffy Dave's award-winning songs like "Red Light, Green Light" and "The Hop, Hop Song" (Children's Music Web Award Winner 2005) and many other popular Daffy Dave songs available on iTunes, CDBaby.com, daffydave.com and select stores.

Daffy Dave shares the camera with Dusty Buckles and Uncle Ben Franklin, his band mates from The Daffy Dave Band, and other friends, animals, trains, and more. Also featured in this DVD is a cute Stop-Action Short, "Little Manny's Missing" by Neill Kramer, a Live Concert of Daffy Dave and his Silly Band rocking out kids and parents and, of course, highlights from Daffy Dave's hilarious magic and juggling show! Special premier showings at select local Bay Area theatres will take place in November 2007. Stayed tuned for more information by signing up on Daffy Dave's Fan Club at http://www.daffydave.com.