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Daffy Dave, underwear master

By Anna Sanders


As children's librarian Liz Fuller stood before the crowd of almost 200 at the Oakley Library, holding an inflatable, fire-breathing dragon all the young eyes should have been engaged with the mythical fire-breathing beast.

"We're here to kick off our summer reading program," said Fuller. But all eyes were on the tall man with a big smile dressed in bright red and yellow next to her.

As Fuller introduced, "Daffy Dave," he began the show with a brief survey.

"Raise your hand if you woke up this morning," said the clown in the red hat, red sneakers and yellow suspenders. "Really high if you're showing off your armpit."

Now that the crowd was giggling, he began the show officially.

"Ladies and garbage cans..." he began.

The kids erupted with laughter, and one youngster yelled out, "That's not right!"

"No?" said Daffy Dave, "Ladies and jungle jims?" The kids were hooked.

Daffy Dave had them rolling in the aisles, literally, as the floor was filled with little laughing bodies and the aisle ways were packed with strollers.

After losing his hat, and finally his oversize clown pants, Daffy Dave taught the audience to use "Magic," by wiggling their fingers overhead.

"When you use the magic, you have to use the magic to clean up your room," said Dave. "You have to start by picking up all of your..." And with that, umpteen underwear jokes began, much to the delight of the crowd.

"How many kids get money for cleaning up their room," asked Dave. "How many get stock options?"

"It was great," said mom Traci Tovani. "We had three older ones and even the 8-month-old watched it, we all had a great time."

"They're excited about the reading program too," added Tovani.

Jacqie Mosqueira, who brought her daughter Katherine, 5, enjoyed the show.

"I thought he hit exactly the children's vein. He was right on with the kids comedy, they were cracking up the whole time."

As for how Daffy Dave, a.k.a. Dave Mampel, knows what will tickle the funny bone of the little ones, he said, "I love kids so much, I know where they're at."

Dave describes himself as the class clown that never grew out of it.

"I am master of the underwear jokes, I have a love for kids, and kind of being a kid myself."

For those that missed the program, Daffy Dave donated two CDs of his jokes, songs and stories to the library for check out.

"They're great for the mini-van," said Dave. "Prevents meltdowns."

For information on Daffy Dave, his shows, CDs or live TV show program, "Daffy Dave's Tree Fort," visit www.daffydave.com.